Sigrid van Tilbeurgh

Sigrid van Tilbeurgh

Who is Sigrid van Tilbeurgh?

Since early childhood, I have been interested in dance. I started with ballet, and my desire to expand my knowledge and explore new ways of expression brought me to contemporary dance. In 1998, I discovered Argentine tango in South-Western France, where I have my roots. By 2001, I was taking part in performances, and in the following year, I began giving classes.

While studying Spanish language at university, I also continued my education in Argentine tango. Living in Toulouse far from the French capital, it was more of an effort in time and most of all in money for the student I was to seek out the dancers who would inspire me, and help me evolve into the dancer. Among these dancers Hernán Obispo, Christophe Lambert, and Moira Castellano shaped me deeply and influenced strongly my further development as a dancer and as a teacher.

In 2004, I went to Buenos Aires for one year in order to pursue my formal training in tango. I was practicing a lot and even taught in the Confiteria Ideal with Fabrizio Forti. After my return, I began to tour internationally as a dancer and teacher of Argentine tango. I worked with Jarle Sandodden in Norway and with Kamel Rebaï in Moscow.

In 2006, I moved to Paris, and began teaching and dancing with Mazen Kiwan. From this point, we find ourselves in greater demand as teachers and dancers in some of the world’s largest festivals, alongside some of the biggest stars in tango. In two and a half years of partnership, we taught at the TangoCamps, as well as the festivals of Moscow, Warsaw, Washington, Copenhagen and others.

In the summer of 2008, I married and settled down in Berlin with my husband. I worked with Marcelo "El Chino" Gutiérrez and with Yanick Wyler and started to develop my speciality : teaching women’s technique classes. In the end of 2009, I got my first child (a boy) and six months after, I started working with Daniel Carlsson and later also with Dominic Bridge.

During the summer 2013, I have moved to Lausanne in Switzerland and got my second child (a girl). Now, I am working with Murat Erdemsel without abandoning my work alone with the women’s technique classes.

These technique workshops have become a speciality of mine and I am usually highly regarded for my pedagogy and my vision of the corporal movement. “When dancing tango, Sigrid’s refined elegance is complemented by her great musical interpretation. Thanks to experience and technique her dynamic movements appear effortless and free. In class she generously shares her knowledge and thus facilitates her students progress.” Yanick Wyler.

I also like to DJ in milongas. I have started DJing in 2005, when few DJs were present in the tango scene. Since 2012, I am not DJing often any more because I prefer to dedicate myself to dancing and teaching. But I still enjoy staying behind the music equipment sometime and contribute to the milonga on an other way than dancing...